Solar System Set: Pluto [Month Ten]

Solar System Set: Pluto [Month Ten]

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The Solar System Sets are a monthly club starting with the Sun and spanning the planets in our solar system and looking beyond.

Pluto was demoted from full planet status to ‘dwarf planet’ in 2006. In this journey through the solar system I’m giving it full planet status in celebration of our faraway tiny neighbour.

This mini skein set features 7 minis.

I have planned the club to be knit into a blanket. I am knitting the Slipstravaganza Blanket by Stephen West and have planned this club accordingly so you can knit along if you want.

I will be providing blog posts through my Instagram @dystopicfibre with suggestions of patterns and ideas for each mini set month by month.

I will also be uploading content that will provide suggestions with what to do with the leftovers as the month goes on. These will be helpful for those knitting the blanket with me but also for those that may do other projects that have left overs.

Each of these months will be standalone, you are not committed to buying every single one if you do not want to (although if you wish to knit the large version of the Slipstravaganza blanket along with me you should buy all of them for the meterage) and each of the months will make beautiful products on their own.

There is an accompanying main colour that is available on the shop that I will be using for my Slipstravaganza blanket. It is called The Space Between. It is available in my shop in the Solar System Sets section. It is also available in 4ply and DK.

For 4ply fingering weight: The mini skeins are 20g each, 84m approx of 75% merino wool 25% nylon.

For DK weight: The mini skeins are 20g each, 45m approx of 75% merino wool 25% nylon.

My yarn is hand-dyed using professional acid dyes. Due to the nature of hand-dyeing no two skeins will be alike however I do take evert effort to ensure colour ways are consistent. If you are looking for a greater quantity and want to ensure best chances of consistency please get in touch to arrange a custom order. I would recommend this if ordering quantities greater than 3.

I ensure each skein is washed after dyeing to ensure water runs clear, little dye running may remain however so I do recommend you take care when washing any finished objects. I recommend a gentle wool wash and cold water, do not rub the yarn aggressively as this may felt it unintentionally. Reshape finished objects whilst damp and lay flat.

My yarn is hand-washed with a gentle wool wash before shipping.