Hello lovely people, I’m Jon! I’m the owner and dyer behind Dystopic Fibre.

After over 12 months of contemplation and planning I decided on a rainy October weekend in 2020 I would finally take the plunge and start dyeing yarn. I started the business alongside working my day job and continue to balance working during the day and dyeing during the evening.

I taught myself to knit in January of 2019 and haven’t looked back. I really believe knitting has changed my life through allowing me to meet several of my closest friends and has led to this new passion which allows me to contribute further to the fibre arts space.

I take inspiration from a number of sources. I have a deep love of science fiction which occasionally spills into horror. The name “Dystopic Fibre” is a reference to the commonly dystopian settings of many of my favourite novels (as well as a slightly cynical reference to the climate the business was created in). As I take the time to learn and develop my dyeing skills I’m taking inspiration from anything and everything. In the last year I found I was fascinated and deeply inspired by mushrooms and fungi which currently feature highly in many of my colourways.

It remains my dream to continue to grow my little business which grew out of the love for my hobby (knitting). Being able to write this and have you read it on my own website is another milestone in that journey so thank you for your support in reading this, you honestly make me so happy being here.

I currently sell hand dyed yarn in a variety of bases, but stay tuned as I intend to develop that range further and include other products will come in the future.