Potion Pantry Bundle #2

Potion Pantry Bundle #2

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POTIONS PANTRY is the concept for the 2024 Dystopic Fibre yarn club.

The idea for this yarn club is to put together bundles of colourways or ‘ingredients’ that a potions expert may have gathered in their magical pantry. 

This listing is for the second bundle.

Each month will include a selection of five colourways inspired by magical fantasy ingredients that will combine to make a ‘potion’ or a cohesive palette for a project. These bundles can be combined with the other months to form a spectacular result.

This structure allows for projects of all sizes, and prompts creative combinations of brights, darks, totals and variegateds much like the art of potion making.

There will be a main colour, available in a separate listing. The idea for the main colour is to provide a dark wooden ‘shelving’ or compartment colourways which would make it look like the minis are held in their own containers in your potions pantry. 

*please note the main colour is in a separate listing*

The idea for the entire club is to highlight the fact we create magical things when we craft and to enjoy the individual ingredients we use to do so.

Each month there will be the option for an additional ‘artifact’, a notion that would go well with the project. There will vary from month to month but will include things such as progress keepers, stitch markers, etc.

The extras will be themed on that month’s bundle of ingredients and will compliment your growing ‘potions notions pantry.’


*A note for the first optional extra* 

This first month is a progress keeper in keeping with the magical fantasy theme, a general starter for those that might want to make a longer project or just like pretty progress keepers.